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We offer dedicated and engaged support to those who want to grow beyond their circumstances, find meaning in what they do and purpose to who they are.

Dider Mbayo,Communications, Media Lawyer & Practitioner Coach

My name is Didier Mbayo

I'm a qualified Communications and Media Lawyer, as well as Practitioner Coach

Lollo Mofolo, Social Psychologist, Behavioral Specialist & Practitioner Coach

My name is Lollo Mofolo

I'm a qualified Social Psychologist, Behavioural Specialist and Practitioner Coach

What informs the decision to embark on Mentoring and Coaching?


Implementing a mentoring programme can serve as a sustainable solution for internal development.

By facilitating knowledge sharing and providing support to employees, a mentoring programme can revitalize existing development practices and ignite lasting change. This approach can have long-term benefits, including enhancing employee engagement in a rapidly changing landscape and establishing a strong learning culture across all levels of an organization.

In addition, a well-designed mentoring programme can encourage employees to take ownership of their career development, promote diversity and inclusion, and aid in recognizing and retaining existing talent. Furthermore, such a programme can assist with succession planning, ensuring that future organizational leadership is well-equipped to meet evolving challenges.


Coaching is widely recognized as a powerful tool for enabling individuals to step back from their day-to-day pressures, and to receive dedicated support from a compassionate, present, and skilled professional.

In many cases, external events or people may "force" us to engage in coaching, serving as a catalyst for change by highlighting the gap between our aspirations and current circumstances. Therefore effective coaching involves mastering willpower, self-determination, and self-belief, in order to grow beyond one's current circumstances.

At its core, coaching is about self-awareness. This means becoming conscious not only of one's strengths, triggers, and limiting beliefs, but also of one's hidden superpowers and depletors, and how one's actions and conduct impact oneself and others. Through this process of self-exploration, individuals can develop greater self-awareness and achieve their full potential.