Lollo Mofolo, Social Psychologist, Behavioral Specialist & Practitioner Coach

About Lollo Mofolo

I encountered several arduous situations and experienced a sudden loss of my amassed wealth.

However, I persevered and attained a Master of Science in Coaching and Behavioural Change, which qualified me as an applied human behavioural scientist and coach. My academic journey commenced with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Essex in England, followed by travelling across Africa, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. During this period, I conducted socio-economic research for the Southern African Development Community [SADC] in conjunction with the Commonwealth Secretariat, which allowed me to witness various socio-economic structures, cultures, organisational models, and human behavioural patterns.

My focus lies in supporting individuals, teams, groups and organisations through times of transformation, incongruence, and stress, using a combination of neuroscience and organisational development practices. My services aim to promote coaching support and wellbeing to those who aspire to effect significant changes in their lives.